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We are a non for profit organization consisting of volunteers trained by the Attorney General's Office to help Crime Victims.

Call us at 1(772)444-5934 / 1(727)325-4413

Funeral Expenses

Our staff will help you fill out the Victim Compensation form to get the Funeral Expenses of a Crime Victim paid.

Therapy & Support Groups.

Our staff has an extensive list of therapist and support groups that will help you get through this challenging time in your life. This is paid for by the State of Florida.

Medical Expenses

Our staff is trained in getting medical bills paid by the State of Florida for qualified Victims of Violent Crime. 

Call us 1(772)444-5934 or 1(727)325-4413 24hrs a day

To inform you of all the available programs that can help a victim of a violent crime in the State of Florida.

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Call us 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

We are here to assist all families & victims in their time of need.  Our volunteer staff has been trained by the Attorney General's Office of Florida to help you in this difficult process. Our staff can help  you apply for the numerous benefits afforded to Crime Victims in the State of Florida. These benefits include payment of funeral expenses, paid therapy sessions for the victim & family, loss of income, pay for outstanding medical bills, as well as other helpful assistance available to you.

Crime Victim Advocates of Florida

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